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Delegate Your Credit Risk Decisions to Our AI

CrediArc tracks and analyzes millions of data sources, in real-time, to give you the most accurate credit risk assessment.

Experience a whole new way to manage credit risk assessments at scal​e 

Gain confidence in your credit risk decisions with accurate risk predictions, real-time monitoring and machine-learning based credit limit recommendations.

Reduce Default Rates

No more slow manual processes. With automated workflows,  ERP and CRM integrations credit authorizations are no longer the organizations bottlenecks.  

Increase Efficiency

CrediArc is constantly tracking and monitoring changes in credit risk and alerts you in real-time.

Monitor in Real-Time

CrediArc's dashboard

CrediArc provides insights and optimizes the organization's entire credit risk exposure, ensuring target default rates are not jeopardized.

Reduce Portfolio Level Risk

Scale your organization's credit department without additional labor costs while also reducing expensive and unproductive credit insurance costs.

Reduce Costs

Transparent credit risk assessments and historical score tracking make it easier to adhere to regulations.

Adhere to SOX Compliance

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“CrediArc has simplified our due-diligence process. We deal with diverse customers and CrediArc's global coverage ensures we don't miss any red flags. The accurate recommendations save us time and money and the user friendly interface is a bonus. Highly recommended!

Meirav Avraham, Credit Trade Manager, Ceragon Networks

Global enterprises across industries have moved to CrediArc's all in one platform to enhance the credit risk assessment process.


Banks leverage CrediArc's unique Private company risk assessments to service the SMB market and grow their lending offering.  


Insurance companies rely on CrediArc's platform when assessing and underwriting credit risk insurance for public and private companies.


From merchant-cash-in-advance lending to managing risk exposure with buyers and sellers,  CrediArc's platform is the solution.


Reducing Risk Across Verticals

CrediArc’s Proprietary Scoring Model is Based on Advanced AI and ML Algorithms  

Millions of dynamic and static data sources across industries, covering both public and private companies, integrated with first-party data.

AI analyzes data, structuring and enriching it as needed, resulting in detailed company research.

Predictive ML risk models deliver real-time insights, optimizations, and transparent risk scores with recommendations.

Data visualizations with standardized, streamlined workflows and automations that integrate with ERP and CRM systems, enabling scalable credit risk assessments.

Validated and Verified by Leading Reinsurance Companies

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See our platform in action!

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